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Neurological Sciences

Sciences Neurologiques

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   The Canadian Journal of Neurological Sciences was founded in 1974 and has developed rapidly into a widely circulated internationally recognized publication. As the official publication of the Canadian Neurological Society, the Canadian Neurosurgical Society, the Canadian Society of Clinical Neurophysiologists, and the Canadian Association for Child Neurology, the journal publishes original work in the clinical and basic neurosciences. Unlike other journals which are often restricted to a single discipline, this journal encourages publication of papers from all branches of neurosciences. Journal policy is based on the firm belief that specialists working on the nervous system at both the clinical and basic level share many common interests and have important ideas to communicate to each other.

Original articles in:

Review articles, special features, supplements on topics of current interest and book reviews.

Indexed in Index Medicus, Exerpta Medica, Current Contents (Life Sciences and Clinical Practice), Current Awareness in Biological Sciences.

High quality printing and reproduction of illustrations.

Papers published in English or French - abstracts in both languages.

Canadian Journal of Neurological Sciences By-Laws
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