Volume 30 No. 1 - February 2003




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What are Your Ideas? Canadian Journal of Neurological Sciences and 2003
Douglas W. Zochodne

What Can Our Nose Tell Us About Possible Treatments for Alzheimer’s Disease?
Samuel Weiss

Epileptogenesis, Ictogenesis and the Design of Future Antiepileptic Drugs
Donald F. Weaver



Progress in Understanding the Pathogenesis of Oculopharyngeal Muscular Dystrophy
Xueping Fan, Guy A. Rouleau

Progress in Clinical Neurosciences: Perioperative Ulnar Neuropathies: A Medicolegal Review
John D. Stewart, Stephen H. Shantz



Early Olfactory Involvement in Alzheimer’s Disease
S. Christen-Zaech, R. Kraftsik, O. Pillevuit, M. Kiraly, R. Martins, K. Khalili and J. Miklossy

Selection of Neurosurgical Trainees
S.T. Myles, S. McAleer

Neuromagnetic Somatosensory Responses to Natural Moving Tactile Stimulation
Yung-Yang Lin, Matti Kajola

Neonatal Herpes Encephalitis: A Case Series and Review of Clinical Presentation
Cory Toth, Sheri Harder, Jerome Yager

MRI Contributes to the Differentiation Between MS and HTLV-I Associated Myelopathy in British Columbian Coastal Natives
Andrew K. Howard, David K.B. Li, and Joël Oger

Combined Endovascular/Neurosurgical Therapy of Blister-Like Distal Internal Carotid Aneurysms
D.M. Pelz, G.G. Ferguson, S.P. Lownie, E. Kachur

EEG Power Spectra Changes and Forebrain Ischemia in Rats
Giuseppina Mariucci, Maria Antonietta Stasi, Roberto Taurelli, Paolo Nardò, Michela Tantucci, Licia Pacifici, Paolo Carminati, Maria Vittoria Ambrosini



Submitted by: A.P. Mitha, J.H. Wong, S.J. du Plessis



Intracranial Malignant Glioma Presenting as Subarachnoid Hemorrhage
Stephen Hentschel, Brian Toyota
Pineal Apoplexy: Is it a Facilitator for the Development of Pineal Cysts?
P.D. McNeely, W.J. Howes, V. Mehta
Postoperative Reversal of Complete (Monocular) Blindness in Skull Base Meningioma: Case Report
Joseph Bampoe, Paul Ranalli, Mark Bernstein

Late Onset Polyneuropathy due to Organophosphate (DDVP) Intoxication
Serhan Sevim, Mustafa Aktekin, Okan Dogu, Hakan Ozturk, Mustafa Ertas


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