Volume 29 No. 2 - May 2002




Table of Contents

Hypertension and Stroke
J. David Spence



Progress in Clinical Neurosciences: Evidence Based Care in the Neurosciences
Samuel Wiebe and Bart Demaerschalk

An Evidence Based Approach to the First Unprovoked Seizure
Samuel Wiebe



Blood Pressure Management in Acute Stroke: Comparison of Current Guidelines with Prescribing Patterns
Salmann Kanji, Céline Corman, Andre G. Douen

Management of Optic Chiasmatic/ Hypothalamic Astrocytomas in Children
Paul Steinbok, Stephen Hentschel, Per Almqvist, D. Douglas Cochrane, Kenneth Poskitt

Depression et Maladie de Parkinson: étude d'une série de 135 parkinsoniens
A. Anguenot, P.Y. Loll, J.P. Neau, P. Ingrand, R. Gil

Multi-modality Therapy Leads to Longer Survival in Primary Central Nervous System Lymphoma Patients
Dhruv Singhal, Timothy F. Witham, Anand Germanwala, John C. Flickinger, David Schiff, Douglas Kondziolka

Cortical Location of Benign Paroxysmal Rhythms in the Electrocorticogram
Richard S. McLachlan, Neda Luba

Isolated Peripheral Neuropathy in Atypical Metachromatic Leukodystrophy: A Recurrent Mutation
Marion B. Coulter-Mackie, Derek A. Applegarth, Jennifer R. Toone, Liane Gagnier, André R. Anzarut, and Glenda Hendson



The Impact of Aging on Vasa Nervorum, Nerve Blood Flow and Vasopressin Responsiveness
Mikihiro Kihara, Mitsuaki Shioyama, Kazuto Okuda, Mitsuo Takahashi



Petrous Apex Granulomas: CT and MR Imaging
Submitted by: Stephen Hentschel, Felix Durity



Reversal of Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus Symptoms by Subdural Collections
C. M. Fisher

Carotid Stenting without Angioplasty
S. Men, S.P. Lownie, D.M. Pelz

Ifosfamide Encephalopathy and Nonconvulsive Status Epilepticus
Alberto Primavera, Daniela Audenino, Leonardo Cocito

Hemiparkinsonism-Somatic Hemiatrophy Syndrome
Mary Jenkins, Dan Mendonca, Andrew Parrent, Mandar S. Jog

A Patient with Proximal Myotonic Myopathy and Parkinsonism
Kon Chu, Jin-Whan Cho, Eun-Chol Song, Beom S. Jeon

Cavernous Malformation of the Hypoglossal Nerve: Case Report and Review of the Literature
Michael Chow, Bassam Addas, Virgilio Sangalang, Renn Holness

37th Meeting of the Canadian Congress of Neurological Sciences - Vancouver, BC 17-22 June 2002


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