Volume 28 No. 2 - May 2001




Table of Contents


Aspects of Stroke Imaging
Alastair Buchan


Tube Feeding in Stroke Patients: A Medical and Ethical Perspective
Jeff Blackmer

The Pediatric Neurologist as Expert Witness with Particular Reference to Perinatal Asphyxia
Michael I. Shevell



Improved Outcomes in Stroke Thrombolysis with Pre-specified Imaging Criteria
Brian Silver, Bart Demaerschalk, José G. Merino, Edward Wong, Arturo Tamayo, Ashok Devasenapathy, Christina O'Callaghan, Andrew Kertesz, G. Bryan Young, Allan J. Fox, J. David Spence, Vladimir Hachinski

Outpatient Craniotomy for Brain Tumor: A Pilot Feasibility Study in 46 Patients
Mark Bernstein

The Spectrum of Electrophysiological Abnormalities in Bell's Palsy
Michael D. Hill, Gyl Midroni, Warren C. Goldstein, Shelley L. Deeks, Donald E. Low, Andrew M. Morris

Modified Brooks Posterior Wiring Technique for Three-Point C1-C2 Arthrodesis
Giacomo G. Vecil, Clayton F.G. Chan, R. John Hurlbert

Biogenic Amine Metabolites and Thiamine in Cerebrospinal Fluid in Heredo-Degenerative Ataxias
M.I. Botez and S.N. Young

Effect of Corticosteroid Therapy on Serum and CSF Malondialdehyde and Antioxidant Proteins in Multiple Sclerosis
M.S. Keles, S. Taysi, N. Sen, H. Aksoy, F. Akçay

A Case-Control Study of Parkinson's Disease in Urban Population of Southern Israel
Yuval O. Herishanu, Mordechai Medvedovski, John R. Goldsmith, and Ella Kordysh



Syrinx and Tuberculoma Formation in Tuberculous Arachnoiditis
ACF Hui, YL Chan, R Kay



A 67-year-old woman with Parkinsonism
Ging-Yuek R. Hsiung and Arthur W. Clark



Subacute Femoral Compressive Neuropathy from Iliacus Compartment Hematoma
Farhad Pirouzmand and Rajiv Midha

Deep Cerebral Venous Thrombosis: An Illustrative Case with Reversible Diencephalic Dysfunction
David J. Gladstone, Frank L. Silver, Robert A. Willinsky, Felix J. Tyndel, Richard Wennberg

Sarcoidosis Presenting as an Intramedullary Spinal Cord Lesion
FB Maroun, FJ O'Dea, G Mathieson, G Fox, G Murray, JC Jacob, R Reddy, R Avery

Meige Syndrome Secondary to Basal Ganglia Injury: A Potential Cause of Acute Respiratory Distress
C. Adam Kirton and Richard J. Riopelle

Absent p53 Immunohistochemical Staining in a Pituitary Carcinoma
Krishna Kumar, Robert J.B. Macaulay, Michael Kelly, Tyler Pirlot


Supplement 2: Abstracts from the 36th meeting of the Canadian Congress of Neurological Sciences

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