Volume 28 Supplement 1 - September 2001




Table of Contents


Canadian Consensus Conference on Dementia: Two Years Later
Christopher Patterson


The Recognition, Assessment and Management of Dementing Disorders: Conclusions from the Canadian Consensus Conference on Dementia
C. Patterson, S. Gauthier, H. Bergman, C. Cohen, J.W. Feightner, H. Feldman, A. Grek, D.B. Hogan

Diagnosis, Classification and Natural History of Degenerative Dementias
H. Feldman and A. Kertesz

Assessment of Suspected Dementia
H. Chertkow, H. Bergman, H.M. Schipper, S. Gauthier, R. Bouchard, S. Fontaine, A.M. Clarfield

Screening for Cognitive Impairment and Dementia in the Elderly
Christopher J.S. Patterson, David A. Gass

Genetic Counselling and Genetic Screening for Alzheimer's Disease and Other Dementias
A. Dessa Sadovnick

Preventing Dementia
S.E. Black, C. Patterson, J. Feightner

Disclosing a Diagnosis of Alzheimer's Disease: Patient and Family Experiences
André P. Smith and B. Lynn Beattie

Dementia Caregiving: The Role of the Primary Care Physician
Carole A. Cohen, Dorothy Pringle, Linda LeDuc

Cultural Aspects of Dementia
Carol P. Herbert

Depressive Syndromes in Dementia
Lilian Thorpe, Bernard Groulx

Recommendations for the Management of Behavioral and Psychological Symptoms of Dementia
Nathan Herrmann

The Use of Medications for Cognitive Enhancement
William Pryse-Phillips, Shelley Sternberg, Paula Rochon, Gary Naglie, Howard Strong, John Feightner

Recommendations of the Canadian Consensus Conference on Dementia &endash; Dissemination, Implementation, and Evaluation of Impact
David B. Hogan, Penny Jennett, Susan Freter, Howard Bergman, Howard Chertkow, Susan Gold, A. Mark Clarfield

Brief Review: Rivastigmine, A Second Cholinesterase Inhibitor
C. Patterson, D.B. Hogan


Canadian Journal of Neurological Sciences 2001;28(1).


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