Volume 27 No. 4 - November 2000




Table of Contents
Hemicraniectomy for Ischemic Stroke: Temerity or Death Cure?
Roland N. Auer
Specialty Societies and Practice Standard Setting - Whose Job is it Anyway?
M.G. Elleker

Hemicraniectomy in Massive Hemispheric Stroke: A Stark Perspective on a Radical Procedure
Eelco F.M. Wijdicks

Hemicraniectomy is a Promising Treatment in Ischemic Stroke
Andrew M. Demchuk


Alan C. Jackson

Doubts, Fears and Misconceptions. What is the Future of Thrombolysis in Acute Stroke? (Abstract)
Philip A. Barber, Michael D. Hill, Andrew M. Demchuk, Alastair M. Buchan



Minimum Standards for Electromyography in Canada: A Statement of the Canadian Society of Clinical Neurophysiologists (Abstract)
Prepared by C.F. Bolton, T.J. Benstead, F. Grand'Maison, G.S. Tardif and L.E. Weston on behalf of The Canadian Society of Clinical Neurophysiologists

Vertebral Artery Dissection: Warning Symptoms, Clinical Features and Prognosis in 26 Patients
Abdullah Bin Saeed, Ashfaq Shuaib, Ghanem Al-Sulaiti and Derek Emery

A Six Year Review of Odontoid Fractures: The Emerging Role of Surgical Intervention
Wendy C. Ziai and R. John Hurlbert

High Dose Tamoxifen and Radiotherapy in Patients with Glioblastoma Multiforme: A Phase IB Study
Thierry Muanza, George Shenouda, Luis Souhami, Richard Leblanc, Gerard Mohr, Robert Corns, Adrian Langleben

Familial Autoimmune Myasthenia Gravis: Four Patients Involving Three Generations
R.A. Marrie, D.J. Sahlas and G.M. Bray

Correlation between Tapping and Inserting of Pegs in Parkinson's Disease
Thomas Müller, Sandra Schäfer, Wilfried Kuhn and Horst Przuntek

Autoantibodies in Childhood Post-Varicella Acute Cerebellar Ataxia
Coleen Adams, Paola Diadori, Leeanne Schoenroth, Marvin Fritzler

How Often Does Routine Pediatric EEG Have an Important Unexpected Result?
Peter Camfield and Carol Camfield



Moyamoya Disease
Submitted by: Ian Fleetwood, Gary K. Steinberg



Nucleus of the Tractus Solitarius Metastasis: Relationship to Respiratory Arrest?
Roy H. Rhodes and H. Robert Wightman

Idiopathic Hypertrophic Pachymeningitis: A Report of Two Patients and Review of the Literature
Aaron S. Dumont, Arthur W. Clark, Robert J. Sevick and S. Terence Myles

Familial Adenomatous Polyposis and Benign Intracranial Tumors: A New Variant of Gardner's Syndrome
Richard Leblanc


Canadian Association of Neuropathologists Abstracts of papers and cases presented at the 40th Annual Meeting
October 18 - 21st, 2000, Banff, Alberta

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