Volume 26 No.4 - November 1999




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Message from the Editor


EEG in Epilepsy: Current Perspectives
M. Sundaram, R.M. Sadler, G.B. Young and N. Pillay



Burden of Epilepsy: The Ontario Health Survey
Samuel Wiebe, David R. Bellhouse, Christine Fallahay, Michael Eliasziw

Topiramate in Intractable Childhood Onset Epilepsy - A Cautionary Note
J.M. Dooley, P.R. Camfield, E. Smith, P. Langevin, G. Ronen

Consensus Statement of the Canadian MS Clinics Network on: The Use of Disease Modifying Agents in Multiple Sclerosis
Joël Oger and Mark Freedman

Treatment with Interferon Beta-1b Improves Quality of Life in Multiple Sclerosis
G.P. Rice, J. Oger, P. Duquette, G.S. Francis, M. Bélanger, S. Laplante, J.F. Grenier

Responsiveness of the Scripps Neurologic Rating Scale During a Multiple Sclerosis Clinical Trial
James A. Koziol, Adriana Lucero, Jack C. Sipe, John S. Romine, Ernest Beutler

MR Characteristics of Malignant Spinal Cord Astrocytomas in Children
Abhaya V. Kulkarni, Derek C. Armstrong and James M. Drake

EMG Related Anxiety and Pain: A Prospective Study
Mohammed M.S. Jan, Murray Schwartz, and Timothy J. Benstead



Biphasic Opening of the Blood-Brain Barrier Following Transient Focal Ischemia: Effects of Hypothermia
Z. Gao Huang, Dong Xue, Edward Preston, Hasneen Karbalai, Alastair M. Buchan

Mevalonate Prevents Lovastatin-Induced Apoptosis in Medulloblastoma Cell Lines
Wei Wang and Robert J.B. Macaulay



Cerebral Autosomal Dominant Arteriopathy with Subcortical Infarcts and Leukoencephalopathy (CADASIL)
J.N. Scott, L. Metz, W.Y. Hu and M. Hudon



Utility of a Moveable 1.5 Tesla Intraoperative MR Imaging System: Case Report
Taro Kaibara, John K. Saunders and Garnette R. Sutherland

Reversible Paraneoplastic Encephalomyelitis Associated with a Benign Ovarian Teratoma
R. Blaine Taylor, Warren Mason, Kester Kong, Richard Wennberg

Temporal Dermoid Cyst with a Partial Dermal Sinus Tract: A Case Report
Joseph A. Shehadi, Ibrahim A. Alorainy, Karen M. Johnston

Acute Quadriplegic Myopathy Unrelated to Steroids or Paralyzing Agents: Quantitative EMG Studies
Ahmet Höke, N.B. Rewcastle and Douglas W. Zochodne



Dr. Charles G. Drake 1920 - 1998
Gary G. Ferguson and Vladimir C. Hachinski

Perspectives from Dr. Charles Drake: Early Training in Toronto
Charles G. Drake

Bleeding Aneurysms of the Basilar Artery. Direct Surgical Management in Four Cases
Charles G. Drake (Reprinted from the Journal of Neurosurgery, 1961)


Canadian Association of Neuropathologists
Abstracts of papers presented at the 39th Annual Meeting



Supplement 3: The Scientific Basis of Migraine Management

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