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Hyperglycemia, Lumbar Plexopathy and Hypokalemic Rhabdomyolysis Complicating Conn's Syndrome

     Chi-Ping Chow, Christopher J Symonds and Douglas W Zochodne

Abstract:   Background: Lumbosacral plexopathy is a complication of diabetes mellitus. Conn's syndrome from an aldosterone secreting adenoma may be associated with hypokalemia and rhabdomyolysis but mild hyperglycemia also usually occurs. Methods: Case description. Results: A 70-year-old male diagnosed as having Conn's syndrome, hypokalemia and mild hyperglycemia developed rhabdomyolysis and lumbar plexopathy as a presenting feature of his hyperaldosteronism. His rhadbdomyolysis rapidly cleared following correction of hypokalemia but recovery from the plexopathy occurred slowly over several months. Definite resection of the aldosterone secreting adenomas reversed the hyperglycemia. Conclusions: Our patient developed lumbar plexopathy resembling that associated with diabetes mellitus despite the presence of only mild and transient hyperglycemia.

Can. J. Neurol. Sci. 1997; 24: 67-69


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