Volume 24 No. 1 - February 1997




Table of Contents

Mechanisms of Glioma Invasion: Role of Matrix-Metalloproteinases - Review Article
JH Uhm, NP Dooley, JG Villemure and VW Yong

Migraine and Oral Contraceptives - Review Article
WJ Becker

Regional HmPAO SPECT and CT Measurements in the Diagnosis of Alzheimer's Disease
A Mattman, H Feldman, B Forester, D Li, I Szasz, BL Beattie and M Schulzer

Frontal Behavioral Inventory: Diagnostic Criteria for Frontal Lobe Dementia
Andrew Kertesz, Wilda Davidson and Hannah Fox

Alfentanil Medicated Activation of Epileptiform Activity in the Electrocorticogram During Resection of Epileptogenic Foci
Daniel L Keene, David Roberts, William M Splinter, Michael Higgins and Enrique Ventureyra

Early Seizures after Severe Closed Head Injury
Shih-Tseng Lee, Tai-Ngar Lui, Cheuk-Wah Wong, Yi-Shen Yeh, Wen-Ching Tzaan, Tzu-Yung Chen, Shang-Yu Hung and Chieh-Tsai Wu

Responses to Dynamic Head-and-Body Tilts are Enhanced in Parkinson's Disease
Nicole Paquet and Christina WY Hui-Chan

Responses in Skin Microcirculation to Vestibular Stimulation Before and During Motion Sickness
Ognyan I Kolev, Claes Möller, Gert Nilsson and Lita Tibbling

Difficulty Recalling People's Names
CM Fisher

Basal Ganglia Herniation into Fourth Ventricle
Mensura Altumbabic, Marc R Del Bigio and Scott Sutherland

Marked Hyperprolactinemia Caused by Carotid Aneurysm
Susan R Kahn, Richard Leblanc, Abbas F Sadikot and I George Fantus

Hyperglycemia, Lumbar Plexopathy and Hypokalemic Rhabdomyolysis Complicating Conn's Syndrome
Chi-Ping Chow, Christopher J Symonds and Douglas W Zochodne

Musical Auditory Hallucinosis from Listeria Rhombencephalitis
Andre G Douen and Pierre R Bourque

Syringomyelia Developing as Acute Complication of Tuberculous Meningitis
Abdu Kader Daif, Saad Al Rajeh, Adesola Ogunniyi, Amer Al Boukai and Abdulrahman Al Tahan

Proximal Neuropathy in Colles' Fracture
Michael Rubin and Carl W Heise


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