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Neurological Sciences

Sciences Neurologiques

Vol 23, No. 1
February 1996
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Table of Contents

redball1.gif 1.2 KKinematics of Initiating a Two-Joint Arm Movement in Patients with Cerebellar Ataxia
     Steve Massaquoi and Mark Hallett

redball1.gif 1.2 KReciprocal Inhibition in Hemiplegia: Correlation with Clinical Features and Recovery
     Yasuyuki Okuma and Robert G Lee

redball1.gif 1.2 KVagal Nerve Complex in Normal Development and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome
     LE Becker and W Zhang

redball1.gif 1.2 KStereotactic Management of Bacterial Brain Abscesses
     Sohrab Shahzadi, Andres M Lozano, Mark Bernstein, Abhijit Guha and Ronald R Tasker

redball1.gif 1.2 KAcute Hydrocephalus Following Aneurysmal Subarachnoid Hemorrhage

  V Mehta, RO Holness, K Connolly, S Walling and R Hall

redball1.gif 1.2 KTirilazad Prevention of Reperfusion Edema After Focal Ischemia in Cynomolgus Monkeys
     Donald P Boisvert and Edward D Hall

redball1.gif 1.2 KSymptomatic Dystonias Associated with Structural Brain Lesions: Report of 16 Cases
     Vladimir S Kostic, Marina Stojanovic-Svetel and Aleksandra Kacar

redball1.gif 1.2 KPrior Intra-operative Hypotension is not a Risk Factor for Development of Alzheimer's Disease
     NI Bohnen, EFM Wijdicks, E Kokmen, MA Warner and LT Kurland

redball1.gif 1.2 KNarcolepsy Secondary to Fourth Ventricular Subependymoma
     TFK Ma, LC Ang, M Mamelak, SJ Kish, B Young and AJ Lewis

redball1.gif 1.2 KOn the Names of Babinski
     Andrew P Gasecki and Vladimir Hachinski

redball1.gif 1.2 KGeorge A Savoy, Visionary Benefactor of Canadians with Epilepsy, and the History of the Savoy Foundation for Epilepsy
     CM Rémillard, BG Zifkin, A Sherwin and W Feindel

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