Volume 23 No. 3 - August 1996




Table of Contents

Excitation and Inhibition in Epilepsy - Review Article
Jerome Engel, Jr

The Efficacy of Retrograde Infusion with LY231617 in a Rat Middle Cerebral Artery Occlusion Model
Nobuhiro Inoue, Y Lucas Yamamoto, Yasushi Ito, James A Clemens, Jill K Panetta and Mirko Diksic

Epidemiological Study of Ruptured Intracranial Aneurysms in the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean region (Quebec, Canada)
Jean Mathieu, Louis Pérusse, Pierre Allard, Claude Prévost, Léo Cantin, Jean-Marie Bouchard and Marc DeBraekleer

Risk Factors for Peak Dose Dyskinesia in 100 Levodopa-treated Parkinsonian Patients
Pierre J Blanchet, Pierre Allard, Laurent Grégoire, François Tardif and Paul J Bédard

Localizing Muscles for Botulinum Toxin Treatment of Focal Hand Dystonia
C Geenen, E Consky and P Ashby

Perioperative Problems in Parkinson's Disease and Their Management: Apomorphine with Rectal Domperidone
Néstor Gálvez-Jiménez and Anthony E Lang

Focal Midbrain Glioma: Long Term Survival in a Cohort of 16 Patients and the Implications for Management
Mark G Hamilton, Carl Lauryssen and Neil Hagen

Triphasic Waves During Post-Ictal Stupor
Abayomi Ogunyemi

Functional MRI Localization of Language in a 9-Year-Old Child
RR Benson, WJ Logan, GR Cosgrove, AJ Cole, H Jiang, LL LeSueur, BR Buchbinder, BR Rosen and VS Caviness, Jr

Listeria Spinal Cord Abscess Clinical and MRI Findings
Joseph Y Chu, Walter Montanera and Robert A Willinsky

Headache and Scalp Edema in Sickle Cell Disease
Giovanna Pari and Hyman M Schipper

Peridontoid Synovial Cyst Causing Cervico-medullary Compression
Anthony M Kaufmann, William C Halliday, Michael West, Derek Fewer and Ian Ross


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