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Supratentorial Ectopic Ependymoma

     Olivier Vernet, Jean-Pierre Farmer, Kathleen Meagher-Villemure and José L Montes

Abstract:   Background: Ependymomas usually arise from the ventricular surface. Methods: We report an 11-year-old female who presented with a supratentorial ectopic ependymoma. Results: The patient presented with a two-month-history of progressive headache, nausea and vomiting. Examination revealed papilledema, horizontal nystagmus, diplopia on upward gaze, and right pronator drift. CT scan showed an enhancing left precentral subcortical lesion measuring 3 cm in diameter with associated edema and mass effect. Its medial border was located 3 cm from the ependymal surface of the ventricle. A firm tumour was dissected from the centrum semiovale white matter, and removed in toto as confirmed on MRI. Pathological examination revealed histological, immuno-histochemical and electron microscopic features consistent with an ependymoma. Spine MRI and bone marrow aspirate, as well as lumbar puncture of cytology failed to show any dissemination. Conclusion: From the literature review, this represents an exceptional ependymoma located at the distance from the ventricular system or cisterns. Different pathogenic alternatives are discussed.

Can. J. Neurol. Sci. 1995; 22: 316-319


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