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Neurological Sciences

Sciences Neurologiques


Vol 22 No 4
November 1995

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Table of Contents

redball1.gif 1.2 KMechanisms Underlying Functional Recovery Following Stroke - Review Article
     Robert G Lee and Paul van Donkelaar

redball1.gif 1.2 KProtein Kinase C and Growth Regulation of Malignant Gliomas - Review Article
     Gordon H Baltuch, Nora P Dooley, Jean-Guy Villemure and Voon Wee Yong

redball1.gif 1.2 KFamilial Parkinson's Disease: A Clinical Genetic Analysis
     Vincenzo Bonifati, Edito Fabrizio, Nicola Vanacore, Michele De Mari and Giuseppe Meco

redball1.gif 1.2 KLevodopa Reduces Muscle Tone and Lower Extremity Tremor in Parkinson's Disease
     Anne Burleigh, Fay Horak, John Nutt and James Frank

redball1.gif 1.2 KLong Term Exposure to Manganese in Rural Well Water Has No Neurological Effects
     P Vierregge, B Heinzow, G Korf, H-M Teichert, P Schleifenbaum and H-U Mösinger

redball1.gif 1.2 KSelective Sparing of Human Nucleus Accumbens in Aging and Anoxia
     Ke-Wei Huang and Yan Zhao

redball1.gif 1.2 KExperimental Study of NAHPH-Diaphorase Positive Neurons in Nucleus Accumbens of Rats
     Yan Zhao and Ke-Wei Huang

redball1.gif 1.2 KEEG Results are Rarely the Same if Repeated Within Six Months in Childhood Epilepsy
     Peter Camfield, Kevin Gordon, Carol Camfield, John Tibbles, Joseph Dooley and Bruce Smith

redball1.gif 1.2 KIsolated Suprascapular Nerve Palsy: a Review of Nine Cases
     Henry Berry, Kester Kong, Alan R Hudson and Richard J Moulton

redball1.gif 1.2 KSudden Death in Multiple Sclerosis Associated with Sun Exposure: a Report of Two Cases
     Simon P Avis and William EM Pryse-Phillips

redball1.gif 1.2 KVertebral Artery Injury Associated with a Jefferson Fracture
     Gregory S Walsh and Michael D Cusimano

redball1.gif 1.2 KTibial Mononeuropathy from a Lower Limb Synovial Cyst
     JCL Sun, C Wallace and DW Zochodne

redball1.gif 1.2 KSupratentorial Ectopic Ependymoma
     Olivier Vernet, Jean-Pierre Farmer, Kathleen Meagher-Villemure and José L Montes

redball1.gif 1.2 KSudden 'Stroke-Like' Onset of Hemiparesis Due to Herpetic Encephalitis
     Mohammad AbdulJabbar, Ibrahim Ghozi, Anwar Haq and Hanz Korner

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