Volume 22 No. 1 - February 1995




Table of Contents

Huntington's Disease: Recent Advances in Diagnosis and Management - Review Article
Sarah Furtado and Oksana Suchowersky

Brachytherapy for Recurrent Single Brain Metastasis
Mark Bernstein, Alberto Cabantog, Normand Laperriere, Phil Leung and Cindy Thomason

Loss of Heterozygosity Analysis of Chromosomes 9, 10 and 17 in Gliomas in Families
Christopher J Watling, Donald J van Meyel, David A Ramsay, David R Macdonald and J Gregory Cairncross

Intrathecal Baclofen Therapy for Adults with Spinal Spasticity: Therapeutic Efficacy and Effect on Hospital Admissions
Patricia Nance, Orpha Schryvers, Brian Schmidt, Hy Dubo, Brenda Loveridge and Derek Fewer

Surgery of Unruptured, Asymptomatic Aneurysms: a Decision Analysis
Richard Leblanc and Keith J Worsley

Electrical Stimulation of the Human Descending Motor Tracts at Several Levels
Yoshikazu Ugawa, Kieko Genba-Shimizu and Ichiro Kanazawa

Sensorimotor Neuropathy and Abnormal Vitamin B12 Metabolism in Early HIV Infection
M Veilleux, O Paltiel and J Falutz

The Prognosis and Treatment of Headaches in Children: a Ten Year Follow-up
Joseph Dooley and Alexa Bagnell

Pyridoxine Dependent Epilepsy with Iatrogenic Sensory Neuronopathy
Richard S McLachlan and William F Brown

Bilateral Central Ptosis in Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome
Jason JS Barton, Randy H Kardon, Daniel Slagel and H Stanley Thompson

Bilateral Temporal Lobe MRI Changes in Uncomplicated Hypoglycemic Coma
BF Boeve, DG Bell and JH Noseworthy

Writer's Cramp and Tremor Due to Brain Tumor
I Milanov and D Georgiev

Neurological Practice
Canadian Guidelines for the Development of Antidementia Therapies: a Conceptual Summary
Erich Mohr, Howard Feldman and Serge Gauthier


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