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Stereotactic Insertion of an Ommaya Reservoir: Technical Note

     Michael W McDermott, Samuel F Ciricillo, Philip H Gutin and Michael SB Edwards

Abstract:   Background: Stereotactic insertion of catherters into deep-seated tumors or developmental cysts is easily accomplished, but connecting the catheter to an Ommaya reservoir while maintaining catheter position can be difficult. We describe a technique for easy placement of a catheter-Ommaya reservoir construct with one pass. Methods: Standard stereotactic imaging is performed. The distance from the outer table of the skull to the target point is measured. A catheter-Ommaya reservoir construct is assembled to this length and directed to the target position with a standard Cosman-Robert-Wells (CRW) stereotactic frame. Results: Use of this technique placed catheters into tumor or developmental cysts accurately and with no surgical complications in 12 patients. Conclusions: This technique is simple, safe, reliable, and requires no special equipment. It avoids the risk of dislodging the catheter when it is being connected to the Ommaya reservoir, reducing the chances of cyst leakage and collapse.

Can. J. Neurol. Sci. 1995; 22: 235-238


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