Volume 21 No. 4 - November 1994




Table of Contents

Acute and Chronic Cerebral White Matter Damage in Neonatal Hydrocephalus
Marc R Del Bigio, Marcia C da Silva, James M Drake and Ursula I Tuor

Proliferating Cell Nuclear Antigen Expression in the Survival of Astrocytoma Patients
LC Ang, M Plewes, L Tan, H Begley, A Agranovich and D ShulMarc R Del Bigio, Marcia C da Silva, James M Drake and Ursula I Tuor

Striatonigral Degeneration: Iron Deposition in Putamen Correlates with the Slit-like Void Signal of Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Anthony E Lang, Terry Curran, John Provias and Catherine Bergeron

Frameless Stereotaxy for Pre-treatment Planning and Post-treatment Evaluation of Radiosurgery
ML Schwartz, R Ramani, PF O'Brien, CS Young, P Davey and P Hudoba

Spinal Somatosensory Evoked Potentials in Patients with Tethered Cord Syndrome
Alberto Polo, Giampietro Zanette, Paolo Manganotti, Laura Bertolasi, Domenico De Grandis and Nicolo' Rizzuto

Progression and Outcome of Patients in a Canadian Dementia Clinic
David B Hogan, Daniel E Thierer, Erika M Ebly and Irma M Parhad

Traitement Medico-chirurgical du Mal de Pott de L'adulte. Notre Attitude au Gabon
Paul-Marie Loembe

Iatrogenic False Aneurysm Following Repair of Intracranial Aneurysm
David W Rowed and Beverly C Walters

Unilateral Creutzfeldt-Jakob Presenting as Rapidly Progressive Aphasia
Andrew Kirk and LC Ang

Neuropsychological Functioning in Unilateral Cerebellar Damage
Thérèse Botez-Marquard, Jean Léveillé and MI Botez

Diagnosis of Vascular Dementia: Consortium of Canadian Centres for Clinical Cognitive: Research Concensus Statement
Kenneth Rockwood, Irma Parhad, Vladimir Hachinski, Timo Erkinjuntti, Barry Rewcastle, Andrew Kertesz, M Robin Eastwood and Stephen Phillips



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