Volume 21 No. 1 - February 1994




Table of Contents

The Effect of Anticonvulsant Drugs on GABA-Stimulated Chloride Uptake
J Francis, SJ Mihic, WB Sneddon and WM Burnham

The Impact of Fatigue on Patients with Multiple Sclerosis
John D Fisk, Amanda Pontefract, Paul G Ritvo, Catherine J Archibald and TJ Murray

Parieto-cerebellar Loop Impairment in Ataxic Hemiparesis: Proposed Pathophysiology Based on an Analysis of Cerebral Blood Flow
Ezzedine Attig

A Segmental Chronic Pain Syndrome in Rats Associated with Intrathecal Infusion of NMDA: evidence for selective action in the dorsal horn
Douglas W Zochodne, Marilyn Murray, Sukriti Nag and Richard J Riopelle

Autosomal Recessive Motor and Sensory Neuropathy with Excessive Myelin Outfolding in Two Siblings
F Barbieri, R Santangelo, G Capparelli, A Ciccarelli and C Crisci

Complications of Sural Nerve Biopsy in Diabetic versus Non-Diabetic Patients
James R Perry and Vera Bril

Femoral Neuropathy in Renal Transplantation
Mandar S Jog, Jean E Turley and Henry Berry

A Proposal for Classification of Neurocysticercosis
Arturo Carpio, Marcelo Placencia, Franklin Santillán and Alfonso Escobar

Gilles de la Tourette Syndrome Review article
O Suchowersky

Dysphagia in Ambulant Patients with Parkinson's Disease: common, not dangerous
Axel R Wintzen, Umesh A Badrising, Raymund AC Roos, Jan Vielvoye, Lishya Liauw and Ernest KJ Pauwels

Influence of Bolus Volume on Hyoid Movements in Normal Individuals and Patients with Parkinson's Disease
Axel R Wintzen, Umesh A Badrising, Raymund AC Roos, Gerard J Vielvoye and Lishya Liauw

Polyneuropathy, Organomegaly, Endocrinopathy, Monoclonal Gammopathy and Skin Changes (Poems) Syndrome
I Milanov and D Georgiev

Newborn Apnea Caused by a Neurofibroma at the Craniocervical Junction
David B Clarke, Jean-Pierre Farmer, José L Montes, Gordon V Watters and Guy Rouleau

Fatal Rebleeding from a Dural Arteriovenous Malformation of the Posterior Fossa: case report with pathological examination
J Max Findlay and Bruce W Miekle

Adult Diastematomyelia
Neville A Russell, Brien G Benoit, Andrew J Joaquin and Nayef Al Fayez


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