Volume 21 No. 3 - August 1994




Table of Contents

Adaptive Control of Eye Movements: Clinical Implications Richardson Lecture - Review Article
David S Zee

The Place of Neuronal Migration Abnormalities in Child Neurology - Review Article
Jean Acardi

The Influence of Sulindac on Experimental Streptozocin Induced Diabetic Neuropathy
Douglas W Zochodne and Lam T Ho

Autosomal Recessive, Fatal Infantile Hypertonic Muscular Dystrophy Among Canadian Natives
AG Lacson, SS Seshia, HB Sarnat, J Anderson, WR DeGroot, A Chudley, C Adams, HZ Darwish, RB Lowry, S Kuhn, NJ Lowry, LC Ang, E Gibbings, CL Trevenen, ES Johnson and J Hoogstraten

Complications of First Craniotomy for Intra-Axial Brain Tumour
Alberto M Cabantog and Mark Bernstein

Somatosensory Evoked Potentials and Intracranial Pressure in Severe Head Injury
Stefan J Konasiewicz, Richard J Moulton and Peter M Shedden

NMDA Receptor Blockade and Spinal Cord Ischemia Due to Aortic Crossclamping in the Rat Model
F Follis, K Miller, OU Scremin, S Pett, R Kessler and J Wernly

Large Unresponsive Zones Appear in Cat Somatosensory Cortex Immediately After Ulnar Nerve Cut
Cheng-Xiang Li, Robert S Waters, Akinniran Oladehin, Eldridge F Johnson, Carl A McCandlish and Robert W Dykes

Assessment of Genetic Polymorphisms in DNA from Formalin Fixed Neurological Tissues
M Mortilla, G Vaula and PH St George-Hyslop

Ataxia in Institutionalized Patients with Epilepsy
GB Young, SR Oppenheimer, BA Gordon, GA Wells, LPA Assis, JH Kreeft, NA Lohuis and WT Blume

Fluoxetine and Selegiline Lack of Significant Interaction
CH Waters

A Prevalence Study of Multiple Sclerosis in the Crowsnest Pass Region of Southern Alberta
GM Klein, MS Rose and TP Seland

A Controlled Trial of Mitoxantrone in Multiple Sclerosis: Serial MRI Evaluation at One Year
S Bastianello, C Pozzilli, F D'Andrea, E Millefiorini, M Trojano, S Morino, C Gasperini, A Bozzao, M Gallucci, C Andreula, L Bozzao, D Gambi and M Prencipe

Intractable Hiccup Due to Multiple Sclerosis: MR Imaging of Medullary Plaque
Yung-Yee Chang, Hsiu-Shen Wu, Tsung-Chia Tsai and Jia-Shou Liu

Malignant Rhabdoid Tumour of the Pineal Region
Matthew Muller, Sherri Lynn Hubbard, John Provias, Mark Greenberg, Laurence E Becker and James T Rutka


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